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Company Profile

Company Profile

We are a leading on-demand e-commerce company in China. Our founder, Mr. Changlin Liang, started our business in Shanghai in May 2017.We directly provide users and households with fresh produce, meat and seafood and other daily necessities through a convenient and excellent shopping experience supported by an extensive self-operated frontline fulfillment grid. With fresh groceries as our core product categories, we have successfully expanded to providing other daily necessities to grow into a leading one-stop online shopping destination in China for consumers to make purchases for their daily lives. At the same time, we are working to modernize China’s traditional agricultural supply chain through standardization and digitalization, empowering upstream farms and suppliers to make their production more efficient and tailored to actual demand.

Our mission is to make fresh groceries as available as running water to every household.We have embraced a user-centric philosophy since our inception, and have in the past four years been committed to providing consumers with a wide variety of quality products with fast delivery times at attractive prices:

Product quality. We procure our products primarily from direct upstream sources such as farms and cooperatives and apply stringent quality control across our entire supply chain to ensure product quality to our users.

Speedy delivery. Powered by our frontline fulfillment grid and robust, digitalized fulfillment capabilities, we deliver almost one million orders per day, and target to get orders within 30 minutes to our users.

Product variety. We offer a diversified portfolio of fresh groceries and other daily necessities tailored for local needs to address a greater share of each family’s consumption needs.

As a result of these capabilities,we have successfully expanded our business to many cities across China,and we will flexibly expand our business boundaries and meet the diverse needs of China’s huge consumption markets.